Enjoy a glass of wine or savor classic cocktails like the Sazerac or the Volstead at the beautiful bar. Better yet, discover something new by trying one of the unique bottles of gin and bourbon available. And beer drinkers will be happy with Lagunitas IPA, one of our specialty taps or, to quench the thirst, a PBR tallboy!


Gojito $9.00

Hendrick’s Gin with mint and lime on ice, topped off with Gosling’s Ginger Beer.

A Lady’s Lady $9.00

Canton Ginger, Cointreau, pomegranate and champagne. Served up.

Whiskey Smash $8.75

Buffalo Trace Bourbon, fresh mint, squeeze of lemon and hint of sugar.

The Volstead $9.00

Hayman’s Old Tom Gin, white cranberry, lime, cucumber and sprig of thyme. Served up.

Dark and Stormy $8.00

Dark spiced rum mixed with Gosling’s Ginger Beer.

Pretty Dangerous $8.25

Smooth blend of Jack Daniels, peach schnapps, and fruit juice.

Lola $8.25

Tequila, lime juice, grapefruit, soda, Grand Marnier and a bit of salt.

Spring $7.75

St. Germain and champagne.

Sazerac $8.75

Old Overholt Rye, bitters, absinthe and a touch of sugar.

Tap Beer

Summit Pale Ale $5.50
Lift Bridge Farm Girl $5.50
Bauhaus Wonderstuff Pilsner $5.50
Seasonal Tap (rotates) $5.50
Bells Two Hearted $5.50
Lagunitas IPA $5.50
Surly Furiuos $5.50
Michelob Golden Light $4.00
Grain Belt Premium $4.00
Left Hand Milk Stout $5.50
Heineken $5.50
Crispin Cider $5.50
Red Stripe $5.50
Corona $5.50
Strongbow (can) $6.50
Stella $5.50
PBR Tallboy $4.00

Honey Wine List

Red Glass

Elsa Bianchi Malbec $7.50
Red Tree Pinot Noir $7.00
Temptation Zinfandel $8.00
Twisted Cabernet Sauvignon $7.50


White Glass

Twisted Chardonnay $7.50
Clifford Bay Sauvignon Blanc $7.50
Mondavi Pinot Grigio $7.25
Stanford Sparkling $7.50
Prosseco $8.00


Please note: Any tabs left open at the end of the night will be charged an 18% gratuity.